The most extreme jacuzzi

October 16, 2011

There’s extreme Jacuzzi-ing, and then there’s the crazy antics of a group in Switzerland that will put a Jacuzzi anywhere, including suspending a makeshift hot tub from the Gueuroz Bridge, 613 feet in the air.But wait, there’s more. After building the hot tub, they repelled down and got the party started!The whole episode has little explanation or little backstory. But it’s the photos of the process that are incredible. Once in the hot tub, the group busted a bottle of champagne, some snacks, but sadly, nobody got neekid. If you’re repelling down into a makeshift Jacuzzi some 600 feet in the air, you better bust out the neekid bits and let that hot water run over the jubblies. Just sayin’.Check out some of our favorite photos from the episode.

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